"My Time with the Catcher Spy, Morris Moe Berg"

Neil J Farkas

L - R Casey Stengel, Moe Berg, Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves click here

Cover, second edition

This soft cover book is by American artist and author, Neil Farkas, www.neiljfarkas.com. The book evolves around a recently discovered handwritten notebook, 61 pages, scribed by the iconic Jewish American hero, Morris 'Moe' Berg. Morris Berg played professional baseball for 16 years before joining the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), at which point he became a spy for the United States during World War II. Berg's original notebook was the beginning of a treatise on the history of baseball. The notebook is dated Feb. 22, 1960. As editor, Neil Farkas provides the actual pages of the Berg notebook. Plates are full color. Check out this book and others by Neil Farkas, www.lulu.com (soft cover), www.amazon.com (soft cover and Kindle), and www.barnesandnoble.com (Nook). Now available at the iTunes Bookstore.
Available March, 2012 at the iTunes Bookstore, "Azusa Project." This book reveals the history and detail involving the Azusa Project, our nation's attempt to elicit which enemy during WWII had the capacity to manufacture an atomic bomb. The book contains 21 plates (Color and B&W). Moe Berg was a baseball player, lawyer and spy, who served the United States during the war. Berg was awarded the National Medal of Freedom by President Harry Truman.

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